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SRJ has announced the upcoming Anatomy of Fintech Law Class launch, hosted by Osita Enwe, Partner in Fintech, Retail, and Education Law. As the fintech industry proliferates and multiplies its services, the need for technical expertise in this field has become essential.

Anatomy of Fintech Law Class is for undergraduate and post-student students and young professionals. The fintech law class is free – fees do not apply.

We recognize that we must contribute to building a pipeline of skillsets and professionals to serve the fast-growing fintech sector.

McKinsey reports that Africa’s fintech market will increase by 10% annually through 2025 to $150 billion (excluding South Africa). Africa’s financial-services market could reach over $230 billion in revenues by 2025.

Anatomy of Fintech Law Class promises an in-depth exploration of the legal, regulatory, compliance and transactional frameworks that govern fintech.

Osita Enwe brings an industry perspective to the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class. Expectedly, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the legal frameworks and practical transactional guides on fintech, including fintech (software) development, software compliance audit, digital payments, switching and processing, licencing regimes, agency banking, digital finance, crowdfunding, compliance regime, regulations, data privacy, fraud monitoring, and DLT (distributed ledger technology).

Anatomy of Fintech Law Class will be in cohorts starting from the third week of June 2023. Osita Enwe will convincingly deliver the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class through storytelling and anecdotes.

The online registration portal for the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class opens at 12:03 p.m. (WAT) on Saturday, 20th May 2023, at Here.

Notable leaders in the fintech sector will mark the online launching ceremony of the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class. The fintech law class will combine employability readiness criteria in each module.

Participants will learn the latest legal developments in fintech, strategies for closing fintech deals and working with professionals at the other end of the fintech deal table.

We embedded question and answer sessions in the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class. Virtual classroom interaction means that Osita Enwe and other participants can share experience and knowledge, network and bond with other students and professionals.

When the online registration channel opens, we encourage interested participants to register early to secure their spot, as space is limited.

At SRJ, we do not departmentalize social responsibility – we embed it into all our processes. We recognize that Nigeria is a developing economy competent workforce is critical to its development.

We welcome feedback on how we can fully implement the Anatomy of Fintech Law Class.

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