Real Estate Due Diligence

In addition to traditional real estate due diligence services, our estate due diligence service is the authorized resellers of FirstCentral Credit Bureau, a leading credit registry regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Given the rate at which tenants or lessees fail to pay or renew rents after the 1st year or term, we have designed a solution that enables you:

  • Obtain his consent for a credit check
  • Check your prospective tenant or lessee’s creditworthiness
  • Blocklist the tenant’s name in the credit bureau if it fails to pay or defaults on his rent
  • Prevent it from accessing any loan or credit from any financial institution in Nigeria unless it renews the rent
  • Prevent it from holding public office unless it pays the rent

Other real estate due diligence services concerns:

  • Investigations before you purchase or buy land or property
  • Enquiries before you rent or lease property or land, especially for commercial purposes

We assist you to:

  • Verify tile documents at Lands registry or surveyor-general’s office
  • Or at the new town development authorities

Where the title is not registered, we take proper care to ascertain and verify the vendor and the land or property.

Our collaboration with FirstCentral Credit Bureau is a first in Nigeria’s legal services industry.

Estate due diligence services allow the landlord or lessor to conduct due diligence on prospective or sitting tenants or lessees. At the same time, utilize benefits of the credit registry that include block-listing defaulting tenant or lessee – rent recovery tool.

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