D Bar Escrow Services

D Bar Escrow Services is our commercial practice group’s solution to escrow agencies in Nigeria. SRJ began its seamless escrow services in July 2021.

At the time, D Bar Escrow Services or Agency was the first law firm escrow service in Nigeria.

Our escrow officers are legal practitioners duly regulated in Nigeria – this is an added advantage. Our escrow services are insured, with safe and secured online and offline storage.

Our members who are lawyers assisted by non-lawyers are available to learn your needs and build a personalized escrow service in Our Best Value.


  • multi-currency options (Naira, USD, and Pound sterling)
  • tailored template escrow services agreement
  • efficient account reports
    signatory to bank account is optional
    seamless onboarding process
  • Low, transparent fees
    access to escrow officers or agents

We will help you safely close your business transaction anywhere in Nigeria. We combine in-depth sector-specific knowledge with experience to offer you:

  • Performance guarantee escrow
  • Collateral escrow
  • Small or large mergers and acquisition escrow
  • General commercial escrow
  • Source code escrow or software escrow

D Bar Escrow will hold your funds, documents, or source code regarding real estate, business acquisition, or software development.

Our escrow officers are willing to work closely with your advisors and deal team to develop efficient control and secured processes. We help you reduce your business risks and ensure safe and prompt closing.

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