Data Protection Policy


Our Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”) describes how we use your personal information and sensitive personal information (the “data”) we may collect from you.

Why do we collect your data, use your data, and seek to protect your data? Data has the meaning (and include your rights) under the Nigerian Data Protection Policy (“NDPR”) 2019.

We will let you know how you can contact us about any data protection policy issues.

We conduct our business under the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) for Legal Practitioners in Nigeria, which regulates our Lawyers’ practices and, by extension, our business operations.

We aim to deliver Our Best value to you, guided by this data protection policy.

To enable us to deliver Our Best Value to you, we need to obtain, store, use and manage your data and relevant information (“information”).

How we use your information:
We will use your information to communicate with you concerning our practices, insights, and events.

We use your details to send periodic reports to you. These regular reports include our insights, commentaries on Nigeria’s FinTech law, registration for our webinar, and speaking opportunities for our members.

We may send links to our audio-visuals on YouTube channels and any related communications. We assess and analyze how relevant our services may be to you and how best to communicate any of our services and products to you.

Information about you:

We may obtain the following information from you:

a. Your name and address
b. Occupation and office address
c. Email or telephone number
d. Gender or marital status

We may use cookies on our site when you visit us to obtain information such as IP address, browser, and location.

We may record your web browser’s information.
Time spent on particular pages, the date and time of your request, one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser, your phone number, and various status information.

Protection and storage:
Our website is SSL secured and certified as an added way to protect and secure your information. We do not share and will never share, sell, distribute or communicate your information with any other 3rd parties.

If you enlist any of our services, you authorize us, subject to an opt-out option, to communicate any of our services and products to you.

How you can withdraw or limit your consent:
Under the NDPR 2019, you may decline, withdraw or limit any information you provide to us. We may not be able to communicate any of our services and products to you.

If you disagree with our Policy, you can discontinue using our services by emailing us on the telephone.

Your continued use of our services or products may indicate that you consent to and accept our Policy. This Policy becomes effective subject to the notice of amendment you received from us whether or not you studied it.

Contact us for any clarifications or inquiries:

By Email

Front Desk: +2348085543223