In creative or innovative markets or market-creating opportunities, we deliver Our Best Value to our clients across our practice areas. Our Best Value is customized legal and business solutions delivered personalized and dedicatedly. 

We believe in continual improvement, ethical and competent work!  

Or in our unique solutions that include D Bar Escrow Services and Real Estate Due Diligence.   

Fintech Law and Regulations

When you think of Fintech law, regulation and compliance, you may imagine a complicated pattern.

Our approach is to understand what you do or where you want to play. 

Once we agree to serve you, we aim to make the process transparent and understandable. 

Whether in payments, Switching and processing, digital banking, mobile money services or operation, cross-border remittances, agency banking, protection of digital financial consumers, digital banking and DLT (distributed ledger technology), including d-finance and NFT (non-fungible token).

We understand how Fintech regulators think and act. Licence leverage and product white labelling may be better than immediately applying and obtaining your licence.

Besides, why buy it if you can hire it? White labelling and licence leverage will reduce your startup costs – unless you are hugely funded.

So, why employ an in-house counsel for your Startup when we are able and willing to function as your outsourced legal services department?

System glitches lead to huge losses. That is why we audit your fintech software and applications to comply with regulations. Long term, you are he winner.

Retail and Retail Regulations

Regulators of the retail sectors are blind to the huge opportunities in retail. The on-the-go-channel on Lagos traffic congested corridors are harassed and “arrested” by Lagos KAI (kick against indiscipline).

Gate keepers on Lagos highways include agberos (touts) who extort from truck drivers. 

Transactions in the retail sector are largely undocumented.

SRJ advises retailers on personal liability insurance, invoicing and payment automation, delivery and goods-in-transit-insurance, defaults, logistics, and franchise and suppliers’ agreements.

And other regulatory, compliance and transaction matters

Education Law

Our education law practice is highly specialized – a first in Nigeria.

SRJ acts as the outsourced legal department for our educational institution clients.

Our education lawyers relieve you of the burden of having a legal department and where you already do, we help you keep your legal department lean and agile.

SRJ’s education lawyers provides legal representation to a range of clients from leading business schools to private elementary schools such as public or private universities, business schools, TVETs (technical vocational education training), secondary schools, primary schools, accrediting agencies, museums & art galleries, foundations and Edutech (education technology) companies.

Our education law covers employment, data protection, faculty and student exchange, trademarks, copyrights and patents, investigations, digital rights and assets, finance & fundraising, regulatory, compliance, licencing, approvals, sexual discrimination and harassment, and education technology (edutech).  


SRJ’s bespoke Agribusiness practice is across regulatory, compliance and transactional. We understand the agribusiness value-chain and agribusiness management.

Our agribusiness lawyers advise and act for clients in commodities, food processing, supplies, distribution and sales, farming and farming technologies, e-agriculture, funding and fundraising, restaurants and hotels.

We accompany our clients from business or product conceptualization, design, implementation and investor-readiness. 

Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

At SRJ, we combine commercial litigation appetite with a widening experience to prioritize your interests. From straightforward claims to contentious and hard-fought disputes or litigation, we combine our resources to take control of your business or personal plan to achieve the objectives. In the face of Nigeria’s judicial process, Our Strength compensates.

Our commercial litigation lawyers understand that litigation is like hunting a wild African rabbit. 

We act like a band of hunters of African wild rabbits, and we can man its many exit (rabbit) holes.

Contentious or non-contentious, we envisage the technical gaps and intentionally lock them in. 


We act as counsel in courts or arbitration matters and other alternate dispute resolutions. 

SRJ’s commercial dispute (litigation) and arbitration complement other practices.

Transportation & Logistics

SRJ’s transportation and logistics lawyers under the transportation sector.

Moving people and goods around required skills and resources. 

Our transportation lawyers help transportation operators, passengers and consumers to receive optimal benefits.

Operators are inclined to deny liabilities for undelivered or lost shipments. 

No matter the fine prints in the proposed insurance contract, we help operators secure a fair bargain that covers them on the rainy days.