We are a fintech and education law firm. We complement our fintech and education law practice with dispute (litigation). Our people are well-trained and love their profession. We understand the creative or innovative markets and the market-creating opportunities in Nigeria. Our Best Value is customized legal and business solutions delivered personalized and dedicatedly. 


We guide our clients in business structuring, formation, funding, licensing, operations, strategic partnerships, software development, software compliance audit, sandbox testing, and deployment or rollout.  We help you prepare for the next phase, including governance, board effectiveness, and investor-readiness checks. 

As fintech lawyers, we negotiate agreements on payments, processing, switching, agency banking, TPPs (third-party providers) in open banking, settlements, settlement accounts, white labeling,  licence leverage, merchants, non-bank acquiring, payment aggregations, cross-border remittances, DLT (distributed ledger technology) including d-finance and NFT (non-fungible token), and protection of digital financial consumers.

Our fintech and digital banking practices cover all MMOs, PSPs, PSSPs, PTSPs, PSS, MFBs, digital banks, Switches, and Super-agents. 

Whether in compliance, regulatory, investigation, or transactional. Given our fintech lawyer’s background, we complement our fintech and digital banking practices with employment, data protection, copyrights, and collateral work.

Our approach is to understand what you do or where you want to play. We make our process more transparent and understandable once you engage us. 

Our fintech & digital banking lawyers understand how fintech regulators think and act. 

Why employ an in-house counsel for your Startup when we are able and willing to function as your outsourced legal services department?

Education Law

Our education law practice is highly specialized, and we act as outsourced legal departments for Lagos Business School and others. 

Our education law covers employment, data protection, faculty and student exchange, trademarks, copyrights, patents, investigations, digital rights, digital assets, finance & fundraising, regulatory, compliance, licencing, approvals, sexual discrimination and harassment, alumni relations, branding, vendor management, governance, board effectiveness, and education technology (edutech).  

From business schools, public or private universities, colleges, poly or mono-technics, TVETs (technical vocational education training), secondary schools, primary schools, accrediting agencies, museums & art galleries, and educational foundations to Edutech (education technology) companies.

Our education lawyers relieve you of the burden of having a legal department, and where you already do, we help you keep your legal department lean and agile.

Dispute & Ligitgation

We complement our fintech and education law practice with litigation and dispute. Our fintech and education litigation is our flagship litigation and dispute practice. Fintech and education litigation draw from our sector-specific knowledge in fintech and education law. 

Our fintech litigation cover glitches, internal or external frauds, assets recovery, third-party liabilities, downtime-related losses, digital banking, and digital financial consumer redress.

Education dispute covers employment litigation, personal injury in schools and educational organizations, students or faculty exchange, intellectual property, employee quarters, land, technology and vendors contracts.  

Including real estate, transportation and logistics, construction, lottery winnings, electricity, judicial review, consumer complaints & disputes, and regulatory investigations