Image Rights, Data Privacy and Protection in Nigerian Schools

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Image Rights, Data Privacy and Protection in Nigerian Schools

Makun, head of corporate banking, had to call in sick after unsuccessful attempts to obtain leave approval to attend his first child’s pre-school graduation ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria. The school event was pre-registered.

It was worthwhile for Makun because their Child bagged awards. The school managed photography and videos. Makun and his wife, Ada, are also shy about social media. Makun walked into a beehive of congratulatory chants the following day at work – like father like child.

The school posted all photographs and videos on social media. The school did not obtain Makun or Ada’s consent before sharing the family’s photographs and video clips on the school’s social media handles and website. Now, Makun is facing disciplinary sanctions.

Makun feels the school violated his image rights and data privacy when it shared its family photographs and videos online. Makun is aggrieved about the child’s images and voice on social media – his fears are heightened by potential AI manipulation of the child’s images.

Our Education Law Series promises to help you or your school understand how to manage image rights and data privacy in school events. Learn more about the consent-based approach to generating social media content during school events.

Gain insights from our education lawyers on potential liabilities, especially in Nigerian preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools. Nigeria’s Child Rights Act 2003 offers stringent protections for children.

Nigeria’s educational landscape is changing, and our education lawyers accompany schools, parents, students, education investors, education advocacy groups and regulators through transactional, regulatory compliance, policies, and disputes.

We invite you to the maiden Education Law Series themed “Image Right, Data Privacy and Protection in Nigerian Schools.”

Date: Friday, Mar 1, 2024.

Time: 3:00 PM West Central Africa Time.

Venue: ZOOM.

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