Empowering Education: Unveiling Nigeria’s Student Loans Reform 2024

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Nigeria’s public tertiary education sector is on the brink of an overhaul with the introduction of the new Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Act 2024.


We are delighted to announce that Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has officially signed the Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Bill 2024 into law, marking a significant leap forward for public tertiary education and TVET (technical Vocational Education and Training) accessibility in Nigeria.

Here are some key changes under the Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Act 2024:

  1. Enhanced Access to Funding: The Act aims to streamline the process for students to access loans for higher education, making it easier for deserving individuals to pursue their academic aspirations.
  2. Revised Loan Terms: The Act introduces revised loan terms and conditions more favorable to students, including lower interest rates and extended repayment periods, alleviating the debt burden upon graduation.
  3. Increased Funding Allocation: With a renewed commitment to investing in education, the Act includes provisions for increased funding allocation towards student loans, ensuring that more students have access to financial assistance.
  4. Transparent Application Process: The Act mandates a transparent and streamlined application process for student loans, reducing bureaucracy and ensuring eligible candidates receive timely assistance.
  5. Support for Underrepresented Groups: Special provisions are included in the Act to support underrepresented and marginalized groups, such as women, persons with disabilities, and individuals from low-income backgrounds, to ensure equitable access to higher education.

These changes under the Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Act 2024 signify a monumental shift towards democratizing access to higher education in Nigeria. Our Education Lawyers are excited to see these reforms’ positive impact on the educational landscape, unlocking new opportunities for countless.

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