African Retail Academy Appoints Osita Enwe to the Retail Policy Team

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Osita Enwe

Osita Enwe is appointed to the Retail Policy Team at African Retail Academy. African Retail Academy is a project of Lagos Business School, a globally ranked business school.

Osita Enwe, a partner at SRJ, plays an integral role in developing and implementing successful retail transactions.

His widening experience and expertise in the retail sector and research interest in the intersection between law, financial technology and retail enables him to contribute to the works of the Retail Policy Team at Africa Retail Academy.

At SRJ, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest service and expertise. We are proud to see our team member recognized for his hard work and dedication, and we are confident that Osita Enwe will deliver on this critical assignment that benefits the Africa Retail.

We wish every member of the Retail Policy Team well as they endeavour to work closely with Africa Retail Academy to support their mission of providing world-class training and development programs to retail professionals, managers and executives across Africa.

A critical mass of well-trained African retail professionals and executives will drive growth and innovation in the African retail industry, and we look forward to the exciting developments to come.

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