Personalized & dedicated solutions delivered professionally and competently.

We are bespoke fintech and education law firm. We come to work because we know the education and fintech sectors need legal and business solutions. 

We can get it done, and we get it done.  Our clients recognize our transparent and open approach to our commitment to work. 

That is why we do what we do – no airs, no faking it – no running around. 

Our Practice

We focus on what we do: fintech and education law. We complement our education and fintech practice with dispute (litigation). We are passionate about our profession, and we respect your time because we value and prioritize …

Education Law Series

We launched our Education Law Series because we recognize that Nigeria’s education sector is developing, and we are committed to institutional changes that enhance all stakeholders’ participation. 

Every month, our Education Lawyers help schools, school owners, students, education administrators, parent-teachers associations, regulators, education non-profits, and Ed-tech vendors to understand specific aspect of education law and policy.