Personalized & dedicated solutions delivered professionally and competently.

As a Nigerian commercial law firm in Lagos, we know that all our work contributes to improving our society. SRJ serves its clients ethically through personalized and dedicated legal and business solutions. At the same time, we seek to contribute to ethical-based institutional improvements across all our practice areas. Our people are well trained, excited, and involved.

Our Practice

Our commercial law practice includes corporate law, commercial transactions and disputes resolution (litigation), employment, financial technology law, government advocacy, private equity, educational law, transportation law, construction, real estate, real estate due diligence, and investigations.

Real Estate Due Diligence

Our real estate due diligence service collaborates with FirstCentral Credit Bureau, a Central Bank of Nigeria regulated credit registry. We enable landlords and lessors to conduct due diligence on prospective or sitting tenants or lessee while utilizing benefits of the credit registry that include block-listing defaulting tenants or lessees.