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SRJ Retail lawyers

Our retail lawyers know the retail landscape and understand the retailer’s key stakeholders: employees, suppliers, informal tollgates, and regulators. Informal tollgates exist along major Nigerian transport corridors, and they impact retail business transaction costs.

Attrition in retail is volatile with a high employee turnover – constantly improving your retention policy reduces the tension.

Access to bespoke retail law practice or retail lawyers who understand retail policies and procedures, compliance, regulations, contracts, procurement, real estate, occupational hazards, inventory management, e-commerce, and investigations helps the retailer focus on operations, customer service, and sales.

Legal matters in retail could be simple, complex, contentious, or non-contentious. Why have an in-house lawyer when you can outsource to retail lawyers and law firms?

We recognize the value that outsourcing legal retail support to a specialized retail lawyer adds to your team. Retail law practice covers commercial law, employment law, contract law, intellectual property, data protection, supply chain management, and procurement.

It would help if you outsourced your legal needs to our retail law team for the following:

Employing full-time, in-house counsel can be expensive, especially for start-up retailers. Outsourcing retail legal needs allows you to pay for legal assistance on consumption.

We know that legal needs in retail change from month to month. A flexible outsourcing model allows you to utilize legal support on a case-by-case basis.

Outsourcing your legal needs allows you to focus on core retail activities such as customer relations, inventory and supply chain management, e-commerce, logistics, and human resources. At the same time, we hand-hold you through the compliance, regulatory, and transactional paths.

Nigerian retail businesses must navigate complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

Retail lawyers help you comply with companies’ income taxes, pay-as-you-earn, value-added taxes, withholding taxes, pensions, employee contributions, insurance, planning permits, and parking permits.

Outsourced legal support can help ensure the retailer complies with all relevant laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal disputes and penalties.

When legal disputes or litigation arise, having an external retail legal team provides an objective assessment and effective dispute resolution through an out-of-court settlement.

Outsourcing legal support gives a retailer access to a broader network of retail legal professionals for specialized legal advice or when dealing with cross-border issues.

SRJ is a bespoke retail law firm. We complement our retail practice with fintech, education law, and commercial dispute resolution or litigation.

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