D Bar Escrow Services

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Our commercial & corporate transaction team has launched Nigeria’s first law firm escrow services. Our escrow officers are legal practitioners duly regulated in Nigeria. We are available to learn your needs and build a personalized escrow service that will help you more securely close your business transaction, anywhere in Nigeria. We combine knowledge with experience to offer you:

  • Performance guarantee escrow
  • Collateral escrow
  • Small or large mergers and acquisition escrow
  • General commercial escrow

Our services cover all business transactions in respect of holding your money or documents, whether in real estate or any other commercial transactions.


  • multi-currency options (Naira and USD)
  • tailored template escrow services agreement
  • an efficient account reports
  • signatory to bank account is optional
  • seamless on boarding process
  • Low transparent fees
  • 24-hours access to escrow officer

Our escrow officers are willing to work closely with your advisors and deal team to develop efficient control and secured process to help reduce your business risks in order to ensure Closing.

Contact us:

Telephone call or WhatsApp on +2348085543223.

Email: srj@srjlegal.com

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