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Geographical Spread

SRJ operates two offices in Lagos and Abuja. It however has extensive networks across the nation.

Tools – e.g. internet, email, etc
Our Lagos and Abuja offices are fully connected to the internet and utilize emails in communicating both internally and externally.
We maintain the ability to operate proactively and to suggest ways of reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Our policy has been to maintain the highest standards in work quality and cost-effectiveness. We endeavour to communicate all official/statutory costs before incurring same and we strive to obtain rebates and waivers, where possible. We also employ creativity and imagination in dealing with all matters.

Procedures for achieving consistency in advice and services All records of briefs, advice and, services provided will be maintained and constantly referred to in order to ensure consistency. Our work will not be released to the Client until it has been subjected to a peer review for both accuracy and client satisfaction.

How we maintain competitiveness

We are committed to remaining competitive and will ensure that the best quality legal work is provided in a cost efficient manner by eliminating unnecessary expense. We shall also ensure that we provide these services in a timely manner.

Value Added Services

1.      Unlimited free access for quick queries (i.e., not more than 10 minutes);
2.      Unlimited access to the Firm; and
3.      Advice which would not be charged for up to a set annual limit, with individual pieces of work not to exceed a certain amount, as agreed between SRJ and You.